Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Witnessed one of the coolest things ever tonight playing Berzerk!

Well I had a productive and fun evening tonight. I setup my streaming account on Twitch TV. The url to my account is Played a couple of games of RC28 slow bullets Berzerk tonight and just had some fun, I haven't played in a while and I almost broke onto my top 5 scores!

I did see something tonight that I doubt I will ever see again. On my second game of Berzerk, I was at 4,880 points with one robot left in the room. I was at the exit for the maze, and I used Evil Otto to finish kill the last robot like I normally try to do. That worked, however right as Otto killed the last remaining robot, he went into a super slow-motion bounce! I've never seen or heard of this before and it was one of the neatest things I have ever seen.

Some people will say pictures or it didn't happen . . . I've got video!

My high score for the night was 39,620 points. My wrist is still healing but it felt great to play some Berzerk again!

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