Monday, April 23, 2012

Rough night but still got a new high score of 58,230!

By the time I got around to playing Berzerk tonight I was honestly too tired to be playing. I didn't sleep all that well last night and I could tell it was taking a toll on me tonight. I had 3 games where my final score was under 10,000 points.

However that being said, I had one game that was amazing. I achieved a score of 58,230 points. I played the entire game very well except for my last man, I had only been playing with that man for about 5,000 points and I died in just the dumpest of ways. I missed a critical shot that I couldn't afford to miss and ultimately that was my downfall.

I'm confident that a 75,000 point game of Berzerk will happen in the near future and furthermore a 100,000 is beginning too look like a serious possibility.

I want to say one more thing about Berzerk tonight. I truly love this game. I was too tired to play the game seriously tonight, but that doesn't change the amount of fun and enjoyment I had playing Berzerk tonight.

The game constantly surprises me, and I surprise myself with what I've learned and how well I'm beginning to get at this game. I'm constantly pushing to reach that next level, that next barrier to break through, which at the moment is 60K.

This games challenges you! If you stick with it, it will force you to make yourself better. I can remember the first 3 days I played slow bullets in March, I was getting 20,000 points and I was just so freaking happy about it, because at the time my high score in fast bullets was and still is 15,050 points.

Its not even May yet, and I'm on the brink of tripling that score. Watching old video's of myself playing, I can see where I've changed and adapt my strategy to allow me to get farther in the game, and I know there is still even more for me to learn.

Berzerk is hands down my favorite game of all time. I've owned many console system, computer systems, and now I can say I've owned and played a large variety of arcade machines as well, but no game will be as special to me as Berzerk.

I hope everyone has a goodnight and hopefully I'll get to play some more of this wonderful game tomorrow.

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