Sunday, October 4, 2015

Beginning my quest to beat 104,680 by Ron Bailey

Its been well over a year since I have updated this website. My life has taken many twists and turns that I never saw coming and because of these events I had to set aside playing a game I hold dear in my heart aside for well over over. Earlier this week I finally got my Berzerk machine working in top order again. Back in October of 2013, yes 2 years ago, I had one of the greatest slow bullets games of my life going, I actually thought I had a chance at breaking my own record, however my machine had other plans. The game glitched, I essential saw a kill screen in Berzerk which started a series of probes and troubleshooting to my Berzerk that lead to several issues.

It has taken me two years to fix all those issues, and I think I finally have them all resolved!

So tonight I started my second quest in Berzerk! To beat Ron Bailey's score of 104,680 points that he achieved on June 30, 1984. Its been over 31 years since that score has been beat. Only on other man alive has seen a 6 digit score in fast bullets Berzerk, and his name is Joel West. I aim to become the third person in history to see a 6 digit score in this wonderful game that Alan McNeil as programmed.

Tonight I took my first step. I removed the slow bullets RC28 eproms, and installed my RC31 fast bullets eproms and started playing the game. The first 5 games I played were not all that great. My first game I did well to get 19K. Realize I have not played fast bullets in over 18 months, I was very happy with 19K, but my greatest game was my last.

I took a break after my scores started to go downhill, I re-watched myself playing, so where I was not doing well and went back to the machine. My first game was an improvement, I got 18K, however my second game was amazing. First off I went 20K on my first man. I have never done that in Fast Bullets before. Unfortunately this got me excited and I started making mistakes, however I never let a death affect me. I ended up with a score of 28,240. So close to my goal of 30K, yet so far away.

I've started my journey again, I look forward to updating this site with my progress. I have made new friends since I last posted here and I look forward to sharing their stories and successes as well as my own!