Sunday, April 29, 2012

Interesting information and a new joystick!

I replaced the joystick that was in my RC28 slow bullets machine yesterday! A new Wico, which I found out the old one was not a wico, and I was streaming again tonight. Had a great game, my first man went just shy of 40,000 points, however being tired and not having slept well last night caught up to me. I managed to achieve a score of 60,000 points even which I'm actually happy with, however I need to fix some of my mistakes to break the 100,000 point barrier.

On a different note I found out the following informaion about my machine when I fixed the service switch today!

I've played my RC28 Slow Bullets machine for just over 32 hours in the last 6 weeks, score over 2,636,170 points across 216 games. I'd say about 30 of those game are bogus as I was testing joysticks, or letting my kids play.

I did order a replacement joystick shaft today, my old joystick had a 4" long shaft that I got use to using and the Wico I installed is only 3.5" so I fell like I'm holding the joystick funny. Don't know if that will help my scores or not but we'll see.

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