Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Still here trying to kill some robots and now Evil Otto!

So its been 16 days since my last post. I haven't been able to play as much Berzerk as I like because of a wrist injury thats healing at the moment. I did however get my final machine in my Berzerk collection, I now have what I consider the complete trio of games Stern Frenzy! I got the machine disassembled so I'm working on getting the machine back together at the moment, here is what it currently looks like.

I currently have everything out of the Frenzy and I'm currently in the process of getting all the boards working and getting a cabinet side wiring harness made for the Frenzy. The monitor works very well and looks stunning, however the BSC-1000 was bad and the 3 spares I had gotten in varies trades are all bad as well so I'm waiting for another one to come in. 

Hoping to finish painting the Frenzy this week and possible get the machine assembled sometime next week. Here is another picture of the chaos that is my arcade room at the moment:

I did play a little bit of Berzerk yesterday but I was too tired when I did it and I didn't even break 10,000 on slow bullets. Looking to play some more tonight if I get a chance! I need to break 20,000 tonight, its been too long since I have! 

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