Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I just set a new high score in Berzerk! 199,860!

Until today, the highest score in Berzerk RC28 slow bullets without using a pattern was 178,500 points set by Ron Bailey in 1982. I achieved a score of 199,860 points! 140 points away from 200,000 points!

I'm working on uploading the entire game footage now to youtube! I average 40,000 points a man, and that is almost exactly what I got on each mine, right at 40,000 points. I wanted to break 200,000 but I made a mistake and the 2 o'clock angle shot over a wall killed me, but still what a fantastic game!

The other great thing about this game was I almost doubled my previous high score of 110,930 points. When I got past 110,930 points, I was still on my 3rd man at that point! I'll post again once I have the video uploaded to youtube!

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