Sunday, June 3, 2012

Horrible beginning with an amazing finish! The story of 104,250 point game!

I consider this an amazing achievement. I got 104,250 on Berzerk slow bullets tonight. I did this live with Simpsons99, MuscleFitness, Marky_D and my wife all watching!!!

The game started out horrible. Lost my first life at 1,500 points, okay no big deal, the previous game I got 51,150 points so I'm not worried, I got this so I keep on playing. 

I lost my second life at 2,840 points!!! Okay now I'm worried, I haven't made it to 3,000 points yet, I have no more lives. At this point I don't even blame people from leaving the stream. However my friend Simpson99 tells me to keep on going and I tell him I'm going to give him a good game of Berzerk.

So I'm at 2,840 with no lives left and an uphill battle ahead of me. Simpsons99 starts calling out goals for me, 5K, 10K, 15K, 20K. I keep getting making them, 25K, 30K, 40K. 

At 43,000 points I smile to myself, I've played a respectable game of Berzerk and I'm still on my third man, I've got two lives left, so now my stress level has decreased.

Simpsons99 calls out 45K, 50K, 55K, 60K, 65K. Okay at 60K something special was happening, by now my wife is on the stream watching, Simpsons99, and MuscleFitness are watching cheering me on to keep going. 

At 66,540 points I missed a critical shot that gets me killed. I went over 63K on my third man! 

Simpsons99 calls out 70K, I get it though shortly there after I lose my fourth man at 71,620 points.

At this point I believe my wife comes downstairs and starts watching behind me. Simpsons99 starts calling out scores for me to hit again, 75K, 80K, 85K, 90K, 95K. At this point me wife is struggling to contain her excitement, all three people watching me dodge and shot laser bolts like crazy as I try to keep the game alive. 

Around 98k I had a difficult room where I almost die. During this time I run into two rooms that have only 2 robots in them. I survive both. 

Finally I get to 100,000 points, I'm too focused to really realize it, but the chat window is going crazy and my wife is there AGAIN to witness me break 100,000 points in person, the only two times I have ever done so! The game ends at 104,250 because I don't duck low enough under a shot. I had one of the single worst starts ever for me in Berzerk slow bullets and pulled out the second best game I have ever played. 

Big shout out to Simpson99 for pushing me via the chat window after I died the first two times. He keep setting new scores for me to hit, 5K, 10k, 15K, 20K, and just kept going and going. Also a huge thanks to my wife and MuscleFitness for staying with me during tonights journey!


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