Monday, October 14, 2013

The theory behind a 200K game of Berzerk Slow Bullets

So my attempt at my own record the other night got me thinking about what it would take to get 200,000 thousand points in Berzerk. Here is the short of my calculations.

  • With no bonus I would have to kill 4,000 robots to get 200,000 points
  • With bonus, taking into account the variation of number of robots in the room, it would be 3,700 ~ 3,800 robots (roughly). 
  • We are talking about around 400 rooms to conquer 
  • An average of 80 rooms per humanoid
Again this are not 100% accurate, but they are close. The real trick is not even the game but myself. My last game that was 137,140 points, I lost two lives due to my own errors, and one death was rather embarrassing. 

I believe in my core that 200K is possible, I actually believe that 500K is possible, 100K on average per man, but it would not easy, the biggest problem is not the game killing you but you killing yourself with simple mistakes. 

When I did my 199,860 game, I traversed 383 rooms, which is a lot but when you think that the game has 65,536 possible rooms, I just barely cracked 0.005% of all the possible rooms in the game. I know there are rooms I have never seen in the game, and those are the ones I'm most worried about, I've learned how to attack different rooms depending on the layout, without that knowledge, its all reflex. However reflex will only last so long, my 199,860 game was almost 2.5 hours, a 500K game is going to be closer to 6 hours with the way I play, I could speed up but I find my pace works well for me. 

I will be playing again this week, and I'll be pushing myself to play better and better, I'll break my own record, its not an "if", its a "when"!

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