Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Berzerk Fast Bullets Training began last night!

Wow its been a long time since I update this blog! I've been very busy with other video games and my personal life in general that I haven't had much opportunity to play Berzerk! However I have now decided that I want to master Fast Bullets Berzerk. I would say I'm an expert in Slow Bullets, and getting to be a master in Slow Bullets, however I consider myself a novice when it comes to Fast Bullets. My current goal is to get to 30K points in Fast Bullets. I played for about 2 hours last night and was finally able to break 20K with a score of 21,050 points. My biggest challenge at the moment is the entrance and how to survive the opening 2 seconds of the maze, I have a feeling its just going to be practicing those entrances over and over again before I can become proficient at it. I will start updating this blog again on a weekly basis with my progress in learning Berzerk RC31 Fast Bullets!

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