Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Analysis of my 11,490 point game on 2/24/2012

Here is the video of my game play for this analysis.

While I took some risks, I didn't make my first mistake until after I cleared a room with a total score 8,700 at around 8:04 minutes into the video. I got to 5,000 points without losing a life and I stayed focused, mostly, and didn't lose any lives through 8,700 points.
  1. Mistake 1 - At 8:24 minutes into the video is where I make what I consider a dumb mistake. I was trying to take out the robot that was in the open box as I call it in the middle of the room when Otto appeared. In trying to both avoid Otto and get him to kill the last robot left on the screen I managed to get myself killed.  The correct solution would have been after we both shot in the same place, would have been to head back to the left and either shot the robot or cause the robot to run into the wall and then run for the exit. 
  2. Mistake 2 - At 10:03 minutes into the video I let Otto just get inside my head. I had plenty of time to shot and run upwards, or duck for a .5 second longer and used the wall to my advantaged, but I switched my focus to Otto which resulted in my death from the robot. 
  3. Mistake 3 -  At 10:27 minutes into the video I was spending to much time watching where my bullet went instead of moving my humanoid out of the line of fire. Having watched this segment of video several times the correct move would have been to move down a little to avoid the incoming bullet from my right, taken out the robot directly below me, then gone back up and taken care of the robot that was infront of me. From there clearing the hallway would have not been that difficult. 
  4. Mistakes 4 and 5 - I made the same mistake on both which ultimately ended my game. I was moving upwards when I should have moved downwards. Its easier to hit the robots that are on your horizontal when you are slightly below them, it gives you the smallest possible target for them to hit if you can not get directly above or below them. 
The first two mistakes I made should be easily corrected on my part, however when dealing with open hallways and several enemy robots, it needs to become just pure instinct to dodge and duck, if I can survive the initial on wave of shots from the robots I should be ok. 

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